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Relationship Support – Individuals

People in a relationship often say how difficult it is to be in a relationship. People who are single, often say how difficult or painful it can be to be single. Whatever the situation, it can feel we keep hitting the same road blocks again and again.

Whether you are currently in a relationship or not, at crises point or just getting going, we start with now. Becoming aware of where you are now, sharing your story and experiences, what you want from a relationship, and your hopes for a better future.

This helps you to understand what you are looking for in a relationship and explore the choices you have to move forward and make this happen. Change can come easily with understanding, sometimes it can be crucial to understand what is getting in the way.

Looking back at past relationships can help you understand your particular road blocks, and give you a chance to move forward with understanding. Exploring the impact of your own family dynamics can help you choose consciously whether holding on to old ideas are useful to you or not. Learning about yourself, your own needs and desires, what makes you feel good and what doesn’t, what works for your body and what doesn’t. Everyone’s route is different, and learning to navigate your own particular route, is key. Sometimes dusting out and letting go of old ideas can be very liberating!

Everyone deserves a content intimate relationship, it is the bedrock to everything else you have in your life.