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I provide face to face professional therapeutic support to individuals and couples in Edinburgh and the surrounding area by offering a number of services that help you strengthen the relationships in your life. These include your relationship with yourself, your partner, and those close to you.

If you do not live near Edinburgh or would prefer not to travel to sessions, I offer Zoom or telephone sessions.

Welcome. If you are reading this you probably have relationships on your mind. Maybe you have one that you’d definitely like help with, maybe you have one and you are wondering if it is as good as it could be, or maybe don’t have one at all and would like one!

Well, you are already taking the step to having a better relationship. What I mean by this is that you have one that you are noticing. One that you are taking steps to ensure it is working in a way that is right for you. Following this path you can choose to break some of the habits or beliefs that are preventing you from fully participating in your relationships. You can gain an understanding of what you can choose to change. What you can simply choose to view differently. You can start to be, feel and act in a way that enables you to have the relationship you always dreamed of.

As a relationship therapist, coach, and mindfulness trainer, I can help you be more satisfied with yourself, your relationship, and as a consequence live a fuller life.

So let’s begin the journey!


Jane Wilkin relationship counsellor