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Relationship Support – Couples

Couples can benefit from talking to someone impartial about their relationship at many different stages in their relationship and for many different reasons. Outlined in the pages here are just a few common times and reasons. However, every couple is unique and it would be impossible to list all the issues or situations that people can bring.

Simply becoming aware of what is going on in your relationship and how you are responding to it, is the first step to becoming mindful in your relationship. Awareness brings choices and choices bring the opportunity for different action. Clients often go away after the first session feeling much better simply having had the opportunity to think about and tell their story, however most people want more than this. They want to feel different in their relationship, and for this to happen they usually need to act differently. For this to happen they need to figure out what these new actions or habits need to be, and then how to incorporate these into their daily lives. This is the work of the sessions. Some things change easily, and often big strides can be made from a few simple changes. Other times it takes work to change ingrained habits or beliefs about how things should be. Identifying the blocks is usually the place to start. Then sometimes you need to be sneaky, the mind can be very resistant to change. The rewards though can be huge.

Everyone deserves a content intimate relationship, it is the bedrock to everything else you have in your life!