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Support for Couples – In Distress

Couples often consider counselling when they get to a point that one or the other considers to be make or break. One or both usually consider there is a breakdown in communication and this results in one or more parts of the relationship not working. One or both feel they have grown apart, trust goes, desire can fade and the same old fights tend to repeat over and over. Issues can be about money, trying for a family, household chores, addiction, values, family members, to name a few.

During this time many strong emotions arise and what is often called the shadow side of a relationship shows itself. Things that were once charming personality quirks can become big bones of contention within a relationship.

Working through these emotions and getting the relationship back on track can be done if both parties are committed to agreeing goals, working together, and making changes happen.

Often this period can be a springboard to an even more satisfying relationship, and couples can say they wish they’d had counselling years earlier!