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Support for Couples – Moving On

Sometimes couples have already decided to divorce or break-up and they are seeking help to get through this difficult period. Whether you have been together a year or 30 years, whether it is a shared decision or not, both of you are facing a big change in your lives, as well as the loss of a dream, and this will bring up a myriad of emotions.
Having someone impartial help guide you through this very vulnerable period can be a huge relief. Often people do not know how they should feel or react, they can find it difficult to talk to friends and family, worrying people will take sides.
Sometimes it is important for each person to know what went wrong, or understand what their role was in the breakdown. Others know it is too early for these discussions and simply need to find a way to get through the experience with their dignity intact. Often whilst couples will come together for initial appointments, each partner can come separately as time moves on, and one may end the counselling earlier than the other.
Each person has their own needs and will find their own way to make sense of the new situation. Out of a very difficult time hope will emerge and this is an opportunity to strengthen your own resources, bring greater understanding of yourself as a person, and move forward into a future that is right for you.