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Working with your relationship often brings up vulnerable feelings. You are discussing issues about your intimate life that are very close to your heart. It is therefore important that you have some assurances before you decide to go ahead.

Confidentiality is the bedrock on which the therapeutic relationship is built. You can be certain that your privacy will be respected and that what is said whilst working with me will not be disclosed. Exceptions to this rule are very rare, would always be discussed first, but can occur if the issues discussed reveal risk to a child, a vulnerable person, or activity that is illegal.

I work within the Professional Conduct Procedure laid down by BACP the professional body with which I am registered. If you have concerns, it is always best that we discuss them and attempt to resolve them.

However, if you remain dissatisfied, you should be aware that any Complaints about my work which fall into these areas, may be addressed to:

PO Box 10128
LE17 9EN